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Early Intervention
(birth - 3 years old)

We are here to help your infant or toddler thrive

Parents understand that the early years are the most important in a child’s development. At the same time, a parent might not know what to do if they suspect a developmental delay. The Meeting Street Early Intervention team helps parents determine their child’s needs through a thorough evaluation and if necessary provides the therapeutic services needed to support the child’s development. We offer most of these services in the child’s home making it convenient for parents and more effective for the children.

It’s natural to be concerned if your child doesn’t meet traditional milestones. We help you find out why a child has not met a milestone since there can be a variety of reasons for the delay. Many children will catch up on their own; however, how will you know if your child is late to talk because of a hearing or other developmental concern? What if a delay in walking has to do with low vision or another problem? We help find these answers and then create an individual plan for the child based on their specific needs.

The most extensive Early Intervention program in Rhode Island

Meeting Street offers children and families a highly personalized, comprehensive and kindhearted approach to this very important step in early development. Our team of service coordinators, therapists, nurses, social workers, educators, nutritionists, and interpreters work with families to create and implement a customized service plan for each child based on an assessment in all areas of development – social, self-help, communication, motor and thinking skills, as well as health and family needs.

No out-of-pocket costs for residents of RI

Meeting Street pioneered Early Intervention and was instrumental in drafting legislation so all children have access to these vital services with no out of pocket cost to families. There is no out-of-pocket cost for residents of Rhode Island who are eligible for these services; however private (commercial) health insurance, medical assistance and state funding will be accessed for payment of covered Early Intervention services.

For more information please submit this information request form, or call our intake coordinator directly at 401-533-9104 to schedule an initial visit. Pediatricians, social workers, childcare providers or any other concerned person can refer a child to Early Intervention.

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