Teen Outreach Program

Teen Outreach Program is a federally funded program through the Office of Population Affairs. The program focuses on Teen Pregnancy and STI prevention through education and empowerment with a focus on New Bedford’s Hispanic/Latin X communities.

The program reaches teens through the evidence-based TOP Curriculum and partners with community organizations to enroll participant cohorts in New Bedford.

Program Goals:

  • Build and maintain partnerships with organizations in New Bedford who possess strong relationships with teens and families with in the Hispanic/LatinX population.
  • Promote positive decision making and empowerment skills in teens through the delivery of the TOP curriculum.
  • Increase STI and Teen Pregnancy awareness through strength-based curriculum and supports.

Who we Serve:

Girls between the ages of 14-19 from New Bedford. While the program focuses on the Hispanic and LatinX populations all females between the ages of 14-19 are welcome.

There is no charge for teens or for partner organizations to participate.

What we do:

  • Partner with community agencies to conduct year long, weekly, workshops for teen cohorts of up to 20 participants.
  • Improve decision making and communication skills through TOP curriculum and community service projects.
  • Provide weekly support and service referrals for needs identified within workshops through weekly contacts by program Facilitators.
  • Work with teen participants on utilizing program gains to effect community change on issues surrounding Teen Pregnancy and STI prevention through leveraging systems of care and community service projects.

How to get Involved:

Agencies looking to collaborate on teen recruitment and engagement can contact Raquel Cabral at 774.328.0937 or rcabral@meetingstreet.org

Teens looking to enroll can also contact Raquel Cabral at 774.328.0937 or rcabral@meetingstreet.org