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If you are interested in receiving information about giving to Meeting Street, contact Lianne Pinheiro at 401.533.9235.

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Every donation makes a difference in the life of a child

It would be impossible to serve the children at Meeting Street without the generosity of our donors. We are grateful for the funds we receive from individuals, families, companies, foundations, grants and other sources. Without the generous support of the community, Meeting Street cannot continue to provide our children with the best and most innovative teachers, therapists, programs, and equipment.

Make a Gift

There are many ways to donate to Meeting Street. Some choose to contribute to our annual fund, the Meeting Street endowment or monthly giving through the GEMs Society. One of our most important sources of support is through Planned Giving where individuals bequeath funds to Meeting Street. There are also opportunities to celebrate or memorialize an individual through a donation or through our “Buy a Brick” program.

"The most important thing we can give our children is a great education. At Meeting Street is not just limited to academics, it is also about instilling the values to prepare our children for society as an adult."

— Niurka Diaz