What is TOP?

Meeting Street's Teen Outreach Program (TOP) works to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI) in New Bedford teens by providing an engaging after-school program focused on education, personal empowerment and community service.

The program uses the evidence-based TOP Curriculum and partners with community organizations to enroll teen groups across New Bedford.

Program Goals:

  • Build and maintain partnerships with organizations in New Bedford who possess strong relationships with teens and families within the Hispanic/LatinX population.
  • Promote positive decision making and empowerment skills in teens through the delivery of the TOP curriculum.
  • Increase STI and teen pregnancy awareness through strength-based curriculum and supports.

Who we Serve:

Girls between the ages of 14-19 from New Bedford. While the program focuses on service Hispanic and LatinX youth, all females between the ages of 14-19 are welcome.

There is no charge for teens or for partner organizations to participate.

What we do:

  • Partner with community agencies to conduct year long, weekly, workshops for teen cohorts of up to 20 participants.
  • Improve decision making and communication in teens using the TOP curriculum and community service projects.
  • Provide 1:1 support and referrals for teens in need.
  • Work with teen to effect community change by leveraging systems of care and community service projects.