Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Officers

Michael McKelvy 

Jennifer K. Cookke
Vice Chair

Paul P. Moran
Vice Chair

Bill White 
Vice Chair

John R. Galvin, CPA 

Michele Roberts

Anne Matton
Assistant Secretary

Board of Trustee Members

  • Jill Andy
  • Dick Argys
  • Malcolm G. Chace, Jr.
  • Sean Clarke
  • Tom Clarke
  • Elizabeth L. Duffy, Esq.
  • Charles Gormley, MD
  • Yalanda Johnson
  • Kalli Kemp
  • Harvey E. Lee, Jr.
  • Richard W. MacAdams, Esq.
  • Augustine A. Manocchia, Jr. MD
  • Ken Musket
  • Michael A. Rocchio, MD
  • Jonathan H. Schwartz, MD
  • Robert E. Struck
  • Michael Tamburro
  • Don Swanson
  • Rupert Burtan

Honorary Trustees

  • Karen Adams Mauro
  • Walter F. Cryan

John M. Kelly "ex-officio"

"Meeting Street's academics are outstanding and the unique inclusive environment helps students learn the importance of being caring and compassionate individuals."

— Carrie Kelly