"I work at Meeting Street because I’m constantly learning and professionally challenged. My career is always evolving and I’m never bored. It’s great to be part of a team where everyone strives to bring out the best in kids."

Emily Lennon, Occupational Therapist

John Kelly, President

"Every single day I find someone at Meeting Street that inspires me. We have the most dedicated and passionate professionals and they push me to be a better leader. Being part of such a talented group of professionals that helps prepare families for a lifetime of success is my motivation for being at Meeting Street."

Lauren Laferte, OT, Early Intervention

"My first experience at Meeting Street was as a volunteer seeking observation hours as I applied to colleges for Occupational Therapy. I then returned as a student intern for my final affiliation for my Occupational Therapy degree and just loved being a part of the vision and values that truly embody this agency.

From the start, I always had a sense that despite the diversity in professional expertise, personal backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, everyone involved with Meeting Street from employees to clients, were here for the same reason, and that was and continues to be, to help the clients, students and families we serve to achieve the greatest possible level of participation and success in all areas of life and learning.

I have now worked at Meeting Street for over three years as an OT in Early Intervention, where I am able to partner with families to empower them to meet the needs of their children and to be equipped with the tools they need to become their child’s ongoing teacher, therapist, and advocate. In working toward this goal, I am privileged to work with a team of compassionate and dedicated individuals who never hesitate to go above and beyond the “job” to support both each other and the families we serve. That’s something that is a rare find, and something I continue to be proud and thankful to be a part of."