Every Child Learns, Plays, and Grows Together

Our nationally accredited early learning center for children of all abilities offers a high educator-to-student ratio and a warm, nurturing setting. The Early Learning Center provides unique childcare and early learning opportunities in our classrooms.

We provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where each child receives individualized attention.

Our Early Childhood Educators have designed a curriculum rich in the encouragement of imagination and problem-solving skills and thought-provoking activities that support your child's cognitive, physical, social, and emotional growth.

Our Curriculum

Our goal is to create a partnership of care and a classroom community where communication is key and is founded in honesty and respect and we believe children learn best through:

  • Play
  • Exploration
  • Discovery

We provide a high-quality early learning environment for your child that fosters respect, care, and encouragement. We facilitate learning opportunities that enhance all areas of development.

We use the Rhode Island Early Learning Development Standards along with the Creative Curriculum framework to guide us in creating a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for all children.

Uniquely Qualified Staff

  • Our Early Childhood Educators have a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field
  • Our Teacher Assistants have either an Associate's degree or 12 credits in Early Childhood Education

*Our staff includes an on-site registered nurse.

We are always seeking out the most current professional development opportunities for our staff to say ahead in our field.

Additional Information

They have also been trained in Brazelton Touchpoints, an approach developed at Harvard University and Boston Children’s Hospital. We are always seeking out the most current professional development opportunities for our staff to say ahead in our field.

Licensed and accredited

The Meeting Street Early Learning Center is licensed by the state of Rhode Island and accredited by Bright Stars and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Daily Communication with Parents

Here at the Early Learning Center, we use Brightwheel as our form of communication with families. This free app allows you to be updated on your child's day in real-time, email directly with teachers and receive any newsletters or parent updates electronically.

Continuous Assessment

The staff assesses each child on a daily basis using Teaching Strategies Gold. We also are formally assessed twice a year.

The Whole Child

We are not concerned with what the development chart says, we focus on the child's strengths and create innovative ways to encourage them to work on developing as a whole. We build a foundation of confidence that will facilitate their learning throughout their school career.

At our Early Learning Center, we welcome children of all abilities. Each of our classrooms is inclusive where children with and without special needs are learning and growing together and we are constantly working and evolving to improve the classroom environment for your child.

Our inclusive approach makes the Early Learning Center one of the most unique learning experiences available, planting the seeds of both learning and compassion in those critical early years.

All-Day Infant Child Care

  • For Infants Aged: 6 weeks to 18 months
  • Center hours: 7:30 am. to 6 pm.

At the Meeting Street Early Learning Center, our goal is to fill every child's day with experiences that stimulate their development.

From the start, your child will be welcomed into a nurturing environment by caring, highly trained child development specialists.

We keep class sizes small, so each child receives individual attention. Your infant will be frequently picked up, held, and hugged. Our staff members also help each baby to begin to develop healthy relationships – Meeting Streets’ children interact with each other, learning socialization skills, and experiencing group play.

Our teachers work closely with you to understand your child's needs and your family's desires when developing care and learning plans. We communicate with you daily to arrange appropriate feeding, napping, learning, and playtimes.

All-Day Toddler Learning Center

Our toddler program is a busy place. The Early Learning Center toddlers have a daily schedule that provides the routine and predictability so important for them at this critical time in their learning and development.

Our curriculum engages your child in play and creative activities. We offer opportunities for art, sensory play, fine-and gross-motor play, dramatic play, music and movement, and more.

Getting your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Throughout the week, children in our Preschool and Pre-K participate in activities that help them prepare for Kindergarten and a lifetime of learning, including:

  • Fine and gross-motor skills activities
  • Pre-reading skills
  • Pre-writing skills
  • Simple addition and math activities
  • Computer Time
  • Social play activities
    • In the classroom
    • On the playground
    • On the soccer field
  • Music
  • Library
  • Dramatic play
  • Art
  • Outdoor activities
  • Field trips

At The Meeting Street Early Learning Center, your child gains a sense of autonomy, confidence, and enjoyment, acquiring the skills to thrive in kindergarten and beyond.

An Inclusive Environment For Your Child

We welcome children of all abilities and see each child as an individual. Our inclusive approach makes the Early Learning Center one of the most unique early learning experiences available.

In order for your child with special needs to enroll in the Early Learning Center, you need to have a referral from your school district. This referral takes place after the district's special education department has determined that the Early Learning Center is the most appropriate placement for your child. During this time, you are encouraged to take a virtual tour of The Early Learning Center to see the program for yourself and to meet with our staff.