What is Early Head Start?

Provides family-centered home-visiting services to income-qualifying families with very young children. The program is designed to promote healthy child development while supporting parents on their journey to fulfill their roles as parents and to move toward self-sufficiency.

Program Goals:

  • Enhance the development of very young children
  • Promote healthy family functioning - working together with the family
  • School Readiness - ensuring children enter Kindergarten ready to learn

Meeting Street serves eligible young children (birth to age 3) and their families in Providence, RI through our Early Head Start program. Our Program begins before birth with pregnant women to ensure they have access to comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care.

"Meeting Street has provided me with the tools to support my child. I have learned many ways to play with her to help her progress."

Early Head Start Parent

Why Our Program Works

  • We collaborate with parents to assess the needs of their child and their, creating a Family Partnership Agreement (FPA) to meet the specific needs of each child and their family
  • Support begins before children are born - through the prenatal health services and training to pregnant women - and continues through the child's third birthday
  • We respect each family's home culture and language. ilingual staff members and translation services are available to enhance communication.
  • We provide parent training, support groups and access to community resources so families can make connections that will enhance their functioning
  • Each month, parents have the opportunity to participate in the EHS Parents' Committee held in the evenings at Meeting Street. While parents meet, their children participate in activities and socialize with children their own age.

Who is Eligible?

  • Families living in Providence, RI
  • Pregnant women
  • Families with children (newborn to 3 years old)
  • Families who meet income guidelines